Ian Gosling

How can I change or update my Will?

Things change all the time, so it’s important you review your Will on a regular basis or when anything big happens in your life which is likely to affect the choices you’ve made. Typical reasons for changing your Will * If you have children (more children) or grandchildren. * If you get married – marriage automatically revokes a Will in England and Wales (but not in Scotland). * If you get divorced. * Someone named in your Will as a beneficiary, executor or guardian has died. * If there

Do I need a solicitor to make my Will?

It is perfectly legal for you to write your own Will. Most people’s affairs are relatively straightforward and are perfectly suited to using our services. Affio allows you to express your wishes simply and clearly and then translates them into the same legal language as a solicitor would use. It is important your Will is legally valid, clear and will do exactly as you want it to – that is why getting the right sort of help in putting it together is vital. A poorly drafted Will could mean the f

What should be included in my Will?

What you decide to include (or not) in your Will is up to you. You can go into as much detail as you want, or just cover the basics – it is more about making sure your savings and possessions (your estate) go to the people you want it to go to. Being absolutely clear about who you want to benefit when you die will not only remove any doubt and help avoid any family disputes, but also help your loved ones sort out your affairs at what will be a difficult time for them. First things first A good

Who should make a Will?

Young or old, if you’re over 18 you should have a Will. Let’s face it no one knows what’s around the corner and it makes sense to be prepared. If you’re at the younger end of the scale with no health issues or responsibilities, perhaps getting a Will in place isn’t the top of your priorities, but still shouldn’t be something you keep putting off. When a Will should be a priority It obviously becomes more important to have a Will if you’re older or you have health issues. It is also important i

How do I make sure that my Will is legal?

There are a number of formalities you’ll need to follow to make sure your Will is legally valid. If your Will is deemed to be invalid when you die, your estate will have to be dealt with as if there was no Will, being distributed according to the rules of intestacy and not as you’d requested. The good news is that the rules for making a valid Will are quite easy to comply with, so really there’s no excuse for getting it wrong. For a Will to be legally valid it must be: * Made by someone who is