Take Advantage of Free Wills Month

You may already know that the month of October is Free Will Writing Month. This is a great opportunity for those that haven't already prepared this vital document to do so without charge.

For the entire month of October those aged 55 and over can write a will and leave their estate, assets, and valuables to their loved ones. Appoint an executor, name beneficiaries and make sure your legacy goes to the right people.

There are several places where you can write your will for free during the month of October. Several well known charities participate in the initiative and you can make an appointment with a solicitor's office that takes part in the scheme.

Or you could write your will online.

What is a Digital Will?

With the advances in technology you can write your will during free will month completely online. There are no time restrictions or limitations and the process of preparing your will has been made as easy as possible.

Specially designed software will lead you through the will writing process quickly and easily, asking for information to structure your final wishes in exactly the way you want.

At Affio, we have worked in partnership with experts and legal advisors to create a will writing platform that is straightforward and secure. So now, you can take advantage of free will month all through October without even leaving your house.

Unlike solicitors and charitable organisations that operate free will month on a first come, first serve basis, preparing a digital will online means that you can access your information 24/7.

No delays.

No waiting for an appointment.

Always available.

Writing a will in the traditional way can be inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive.

With the Affio service, in conjunction with Free Will Month, preparing your will is fast, easy, and affordable.

What Should I Include in my Free Will?

If you have decided to prepare your free will during October you can do so anytime between the 1st and the 31st of the month.

You will need some information and have an idea of how you would like to divide up your estate between friends, children, or family members.

It is useful to have information at hand for items that you would like to include in your will. These can be things such as:

Bank accounts





Life insurance



You will also need personal information, and details of the people that you wish to include in the will, whether as executors or beneficiaries.

Divide your Estate

Free will month gives the perfect opportunity for you to think about how you want your estate divided and who should benefit.

Dying intestate, or without a will can lead to lengthy and expensive probate proceedings that may drastically reduce the value of your estate.

So legally documenting the desired percentages and inheritors of your wealth can make the process much cleaner and less painful for your family.

Details will need to be provided about who should receive assets, and whether specific gifts or amounts should go to certain people.

There should also be contingency plans outlined in the event that the named beneficiaries pass away before you.

Plans should also be included for things like any charitable donations and what happens to any money that remains after funeral expenses are paid.

If you do decide to leave a gift to charity then you will need to include the name of the organisation, address, and registered charity number.

Any missing or incomplete information may mean that the gift never makes it to the intended recipient so it is important to include the correct details.

Is my Digital Free Will Stored Safely?

Encrypted servers and top level security similar to those used by well known financial institutions means that your will is stored safely and securely.

Once your will has been prepared it can be accessed by you at any time to review, or make changes and amends to the information.

You can access and update your will as often as you like and there are no limitations on the changes you can make.

Your data will never be released to a third party for marketing or any other purpose, and Affio is fully regulated under the data protection act.

This means that your will is even safer than being stored at home where it can be at risk of damage. A digital online will can never be destroyed by things like a fire or flood.

It can also never be stolen or go missing.

Whether you write your will with Affio during free will month, or use our will preparation services at any other time, your will is just as legally binding as any other.

Documents that are created online are legally backed and are as valid as any will that is written at a solicitor's office, and we have a number of built-in checks to ensure your will is valid.

As with all wills there are some procedures that need to be followed to make sure your will is prepared correctly.

To ensure that everything is legal and above board, we will walk you through the entire process in easy to follow steps, and supply advice on things like how to get your will witnessed.

Where do I get started?

Use the Free Will Month of October to prepare your Last Will and Testament at no charge and document your wishes.

Getting started is simple, just visit the registration page at Affio and enter some simple information.

Many of our customers find the system so simple to navigate that they can prepare their will in just 15 minutes.

Once you have registered an account you can begin the free will writing process using our service. Just follow the steps and enter the information at each stage and your will is written for you.

Get started today and write your will completely free during October to protect your children and family.

Try affio's online Will writing service. It's free to start!

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