What is Free Will month?

You may have seen notices or advertisements promoting Free Wills Month. If you are not sure what it is all about then this article will help you to understand what the Free Wills Month program is all about and learn about its benefits.

Free Wills Month takes place in March and October each year and offers you the chance to prepare your will free of charge. The offer applies to those 55 years of age and older and may be used to create your first will or to create a whole new will even if you have made one previously.

Charitable organisations and participating solicitors can be used to prepare your will without charge to outline your wishes and distribute your estate after your death. For many people that have never considered making a will, this is a great opportunity to put their affairs in order.

While you can visit a local solicitor or charity office to take advantage of the scheme, there are some disadvantages to preparing your will this way.

Appointments are often on a first-come, first-served basis.
More complex wills may not be free.
People with mobility issues may not be able to get to the location.

Problems with obtaining appointments are common. Free Wills Month is a popular event and often appointment slots will fill up quickly, and its possible for the scheme to expire before an appointment can be gained. Meaning you miss out on the opportunity to have your will written for free.

It may also be worth noting that ‘free’ is a relative term. While many participating charities will prepare your will at no cost, they will suggest that a small donation could be made from your estate after you pass away.

This donation is not obligatory but when sitting face to face with an employee of the charity that is preparing your will paperwork for free, it can be hard to say no.

Do I have to make an in-person appointment?
For the reasons listed above, it is not always possible for everyone to attend an in person appointment. Some people may live in rural areas without public transportation, or may find it impossible to attend an appointment for other reasons.

Fortunately, there is another option, for those that would like to prepare their will during free wills month, the necessary documentation can be completed online.

Affio UK provides a fast and easy online will writing service that will create your will in the same way as you would at a solicitors office or by any other method. Having an up to date will is the bets way to ensure that your wishes are carried out and our wills are fully legal and binding.

Dedicated technology that has been backed by experts and legal professionals will walk you through each stage of the will writing process, and your information will be stored safely and securely on fully encrypted servers.

Do I have to have a will?
While there is no legal obligation to have a will, having one can save your family members and loved ones a lot of stress and drama. If you pass away without a will or ‘intestate’ then matters will need to go through legal procedures known as probate before any of your estate can be distributed.

Owing to the time and the legal costs of this process it can eat away a large chunk of any benefits lefts due to legal fees and court costs. Making a will prevents delays in the distribution of your estate and ensures that your property and assets go where you want.

My partner is under 55 can we still make a free will?
The Free Will program applies to all people that are over 55 years of age. If you would like to make a joint will and your partner is under 55 you may be wondering if you are still eligible under the free will scheme.

The good news is that when making a joint will only one of you will need to satisfy the 55 year age limit. If your partner is younger you will still be able to take advantage of the free will program for a joint will.

How much money will a free will save me?
Preparing your will during Free Will month means that there is no cost associated with the preparation of your will. Making a will under normal circumstances whether at a solicitors office or other providers can cost hundreds of pounds. Even a basic will can set you back a decent sum of money so it is wise to take full advantage of the free will program.

What if I need to update or change my will later on?
Your will is the legal document that states to who and where you want your money and assets to go. As such there may be times that you need to update the information contained in your will. Your wishes may change or perhaps a beneficiary pre-deceases you and a new one needs to be named.

Amending a will that is held at solicitors usually comes with a fee, but by preparing your will with an online service like Affio you can easily access and amend your details, completely remotely. No need for an appointment, you can login to your account and review your will that is stored on our servers. Changes and edits can be made easily to keep your will fully up to date. This applies to all wills prepared using our service, even those that have been created during free will month.

Affio has been featured in popular publications and on well-known media programs like The Sun, The Daily Mail, and Investors Chronicle. Many of our customers are able to prepare their will in just 15 minutes with our easy to follow instructions and ensure that their final wishes are documented and carried out.

Don’t miss the chance to prepare your own will completely free during Free Wills Month. Log on to our website at Affio UK and make your free will today.

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