Register your Will for free this bank holiday weekend

Register your Will for free this bank holiday weekend

You have until June 4th to write your Will and register it for free with The National Will Register using code FreeWillReg2021.

The National Will Register is a trusted partner of the Law Society of England and Wales. The register is used by individuals, families, organizations, government agencies and law firms to register their will. There are over 8 million wills in the National Will Register and over 2 million searchable records within the register.

Will Registration records the existence of a Will and where the original is stored so that it can be easily located by the named executors and beneficiaries of an estate.

Vicky Box, The National Will Register comments:

“The National Will Register's annual Free Will Registration Month is going really well. We have been inundated from members of the public and law firms who wish to contribute to the campaign. Overall, there has been an 88% increase in Will Registrations in the last six months in comparison to previous years. It's fantastic to see such a positive response and as a team, we are here to assist everybody who wishes to take advantage of the incentive until Friday 4th June.”

When a person dies, there is often a heightened sense of emotion for the loved ones left behind. Finding a last Will and Testament is not always easy. If a Will is located, but the original is missing, there are other issues to address. The original and copies will need to be accounted for so that the estate is distributed properly.

When distributing the estate, the executor is the one who will be responsible to distribute the assets correctly - a process more commonly known as 'probate'. If any mistakes are made during that process, the executors can be held legally liable for such mistakes. It therefore becomes absolutely necessary for an executor to have accurate and detailed information about a will.

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