Who should make a Will?

Young or old, if you’re over 18 you should have a Will. Let’s face it no one knows what’s around the corner and it makes sense to be prepared.

If you’re at the younger end of the scale with no health issues or responsibilities, perhaps getting a Will in place isn’t the top of your priorities, but still shouldn’t be something you keep putting off.

When a Will should be a priority

It obviously becomes more important to have a Will if you’re older or you have health issues. It is also important if you have a family, others you’re responsible for or if you’re living with your partner, but not married to them.

It is only by making a Will that you can be certain your wishes will be carried out and your estate distributed as you wanted it. Without a Will the state will dictate how your money, property and possessions are distributed using a set of rules (intestacy rules), which don’t always reflect modern family arrangements and can mean key people in your life not being included at all.

If you have a family

If you have children under 18 your Will is where you will make important provisions in the event of your death. These can include appointing guardians for them and catering for their ongoing financial wellbeing.

If you’re living with your partner

If you’re not married or in a civil partnership with your partner and die without making provision for them in your Will, they will inherit nothing from your estate. Instead everything you own would be distributed according to the rules of intestacy which could see long lost ‘Aunt Edna’ inheriting your home and belongings, but not the person you’re closest to.

Having a Will not only ensures your wishes will be carried out as you wanted them, but could also save your loved ones a lot of heartache and discord at what will already be an extremely upsetting time for them.

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