Do I need a solicitor to make my Will?

It is perfectly legal for you to write your own Will. Most people’s affairs are relatively straightforward and are perfectly suited to using our services. Affio allows you to express your wishes simply and clearly and then translates them into the same legal language as a solicitor would use.

It is important your Will is legally valid, clear and will do exactly as you want it to – that is why getting the right sort of help in putting it together is vital. A poorly drafted Will could mean the following:

  • Badly drafted clauses or unclear instructions mean your wishes aren’t carried out as you’d requested.
  • Your Will is left open to a legal challenge.
  • Your Will is not legally valid.

Of course, if things are more complicated, for example if you have a particularly complex financial situation, or a dependant with special needs, then using a solicitor is something you should consider.

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