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What happens if a gift in my Will fails?

Part of the process of writing a will is planning to ensure that if a gift fails it is clear what you want to happen instead. Not only will we help you identify your gifts, assets and beneficiaries clearly, but we’ll also give you the option of stating what should happen to any gifts which may fail. For example, where someone has died, you could choose for the gift to go to or their children instead, or someone else you specify, or have it returned to the residue of your estate. It’s entirely u

What can I say about my funeral?

As part of your will you can suggest what you would like to happen at your funeral. These suggestions are expressed in a letter of wishes attached to your will. Your funeral wishes are not legally binding. They do not force your executors to do as you wish but they do at least allow you to express your preferences and these should be respected by your executors. The sort of things you may wish to consider including are: * Which religion, if any, you would like your funeral to be conducted u

What should I consider in my Will if I am part of an unmarried couple?

You like many people, might not realise that there is no such thing as a common law spouse. The laws around inheritance can seem outdated in many areas and don’t recognise modern family structures and living arrangements. If you’re in a long-term relationship, but not married or in a civil partnership, making a will is particularly important. If you don’t write a will your partner could end up inheriting nothing when you die. Instead your estate would be distributed according to the rules of in

Getting remarried and your will

If you get remarried any will you have made previously is revoked by the marriage. This will mean you no longer have a will and if you were to die your estate would be distributed according to the rules of intestacy. Find out more in our ‘Rules of intestacy’ article. However, the will won’t be revoked if it states you are about to marry a particular person and you don’t want the the will to be revoked when that happens. If you want to make a will before your remarriage and want it to continue

What should I consider changing in my Will if I get divorced?

If you’ve already got a will and you’re planning to get divorced, now could be a good time to review it and if needed write a new one. Will your will still be valid? When you get divorced your will is still valid. However, any provisions you’d made in your will to leave your estate to your spouse or for them to be an executor will be ineffective from the day your marriage ends, unless the will says otherwise. It’s also worth bearing in mind that until your divorce is finalised, your spouse will