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All the information here is related to how you can make gifts and choices in your Will.

Who should be appointed as an executor?

Being an executor is an important and sometimes demanding responsibility, so it is vital you choose yours with care. It is often a good idea to talk to anyone you’re thinking of appointing before you write your will to make sure they have a fair understanding of what will be expected of them and they are happy to take on this role. If they are not willing, they will have the right to refuse the responsibility when the time comes, so it makes sense to get their permission in advance. Who can be

Who should be appointed as a Guardian?

Out of all the decisions you’ll need to make whilst writing your will, choosing who will look after your children if you and their other parent were to die, is possibly one of the hardest decisions you will have to make.  Whilst it might be an upsetting prospect, it’s an important decision and one you’ll most certainly want to get right. So, who should you choose? Choosing the right guardians Most people choose a brother, sister or close friend to be guardians, but does being a good friend or y

Can I leave my estate to my children if they are under 18?

Yes, you can leave your estate to whoever you choose. Children tend to be a popular choice and they can still inherit, even if they are under 18. Trusts Where a child is under 18 their inheritance will be held in a trust for them until they are 18. When you make your will you appoint the trustees to oversee the trust. Until the child reaches 18, the trustees are able to use the inheritance and any income from investing it for the benefit of the child. You can read more about trustees in our t

Who will take care of my children if I die without a Will?

If you have children under 18, have you ever considered what would happen to them if you were to die? Who would look after them? Guardianship For many people, appointing people to look after their children if they die is one of the most important functions of a will. These people – guardians – will have “parental responsibility” for the children. A person with parental responsibility is entitled to take decisions on behalf of a child for example about education, medical treatment and where th