Who should be appointed as a Guardian?

Out of all the decisions you’ll need to make whilst writing your will, choosing who will look after your children if you and their other parent were to die, is possibly one of the hardest decisions you will have to make.  Whilst it might be an upsetting prospect, it’s an important decision and one you’ll most certainly want to get right. So, who should you choose?

Choosing the right guardians

Most people choose a brother, sister or close friend to be guardians, but does being a good friend or your favourite sister mean they are going to be the right person to bring up your children? Here are some things you may want to consider:

  • Are their values and ideas on parenting the same as yours?
  • Do they have a good relationship with your child?
  • Do they have the time and energy to be able to properly care for your child?
  • Are they willing to take on such an important responsibility?
  • Does your child have a good relationship with them (and any other children already living in the same home)?
  • Are they physically well enough (and young enough) to look after your child properly until they’re 18?
  • Will they be able to maintain good relationships with the rest of the family (on both sides)?

Before making your final decision you should talk to the individuals you want to choose to make sure they are happy to take on the responsibility of being a guardian and understand what this will mean if you were to die.

It is often a good idea to appoint at least one guardian (or a couple), plus someone who is willing to be a substitute in case your first choice dies before you do or is unable to take on the role if required.

We will explain everything you need to consider and provide the correctly worded legal clauses to give you the will that suits you and your children’s needs the best.

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