The Affio blog is where we post news and updates on writing your UK Will, our online Will writing service and how to make a will in the UK. We believe writing a Will is something you should be able to do yourself and hope to keep you interested and informed.

If you haven't made a Will you are in good company...

If you haven’t made a will, you’re in good company — or should I say bad company, because some of the excuses are up there with “the dog ate my homework”. According to some research done last year, more than half the adult population of the UK doesn’t have a will. Reasons why include: it will bring you bad luck, and everyone knows you are bound to die as soon as you so much as think about making one. Then there’s the “I’m a busy person” routine. You just haven’t got round to it. Anyway, you’re
New Website Live!

New Website Live!

The new version of our website is live today, we hope you like it! Early registration for our online service starts now, with the full platform online very soon.