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Take Advantage of Free Wills Month

You may already know that the month of October is Free Will Writing Month. This is a great opportunity for those that haven't already prepared this vital document to do so without charge. For the entire month of October those aged 55 and over can write a will and leave their estate, assets, and valuables to their loved ones. Appoint an executor, name beneficiaries and make sure your legacy goes to the right people. There are several places where you can write your will for free during the mont

Finding a will writing service near me

When creating a will to document the division of an estate or assets, the tendency can be to look for a will writing service that is located close by.  Historically the large majority of people have visited their town center or high street and prepared their will with a local solicitor. In fact, the term ‘will writing services near me’ scores very high for the number of searches in Google’s engine. This demonstrates that for those looking to write their will there is a common thread of seekin
Register your Will for free this bank holiday weekend

Register your Will for free this bank holiday weekend

You have until June 4th to write your Will [] and register it for free with The National Will Register [] using code FreeWillReg2021. The National Will Register is a trusted partner of the Law Society of England and Wales. The register is used by individuals, families, organizations, government agencies and law firms to register their will. There are over 8 mi

What NOT to include in your will

There is a lot of talk around the importance of writing a will to ensure that your money, property, and other assets are bequeathed to the family members or children that you wish to nominate as beneficiaries of your estate. However, did you know that there are certain types of financial assets and property that you should not or cannot include in your will? These types of assets are usually jointly owned or contain some sort of instruction that dictates what happens to the property should you

Pros and cons of writing your will online

If you have recently been considering making a will then you may have stumbled across one of the many online will writing services. While this may look like a fast, efficient way to prepare your last will and testament, it may have left you with some unanswered questions. Here we will take a look at the positives and negatives of using an online service for your will preparation. Pros Convenient Preparing a will online saves a trip to the solicitors office and means that you can write your