Do you need guidance or can you write your Will by yourself?

You can write your own Will, without any help or legal guidance and as long as it is properly signed and witnessed it should still be legally valid in the UK. It’s just not recommended for a number of reasons:

The problems with going it alone

A Will is a legal document where errors can cause it to be invalid or ambiguity means costly mistakes are made after your death.

The main problems are:

  • You may not know or include all of important clauses which need to be used.
  • By not using wording which has been tested in court you might be leaving yourself open to your Will being challenged in court after you die.
  • By not having clear wording, your requests may not be carried out as you wanted them or lead to confusion or arguments for your loved ones.

At Affio we help you to develop your Will step by step to make sure you’ve covered everything that’s important to you and your family. We’ll ensure all of the key wording and legal clauses are used, all of which have been written by a specialist barrister, so you can be sure that your Will is perfectly written and completely legal.

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