Why should I use an online will writing service?

Traditionally, the way to write a will and get your affairs in order has been to engage the services of a solicitor. Having expert help to walk you through the legal steps required gives a level of comfort and security when it comes to making plans for your estate.

It also comes at a price.

Using a solicitor to document how you want your finances and assets managed in the event of your passing does not come cheap. It can also take more than one appointment which can rack up the cost.

An online will writing service like Affio can provide a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Read on to find out how our online will writing service can benefit you.

Why do I need to make a will?

Anyone that has money, property, or any other assets can benefit from making a will. The sad reality is that no-one will live forever, and making a will ensures that your estate is handled properly. Designating beneficiaries and dividing assets between family members can be legally documented to avoid conflict and expensive probate proceedings.

Getting your affairs in order can be helpful when planning funeral arrangements and ensures that your wishes are properly carried out. Making a will is one of those things that can be easily put off, sometimes until it is too late. Writing a will online can make the process fast, easy and less stressful.

It can be done from your own home

Unlike making a will in the traditional manner, an online will writing service can be used from the warmth and comfort of your own home. As long as you have access to the internet writing your will this way can be done by simply visiting a website.

No need to make appointments or organise travelling to a solicitors office for multiple meetings. Writing your will can be done on your schedule, and you can take as much or as little time as you need.

Online will writing services cost less

Time is money and this is true when it comes to writing your will. Solicitors rates are not cheap and the longer you spend in an appointment, the more it can cost. Creating your will online can be substantially less than paying for a face-to-face meeting with a legal expert.

As creating your will this way doesn’t involve direct contact with a solicitor, the fees can be much less. Using software that has been developed by top legal experts, we walk you through the steps one at a time. Making the entire process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Questions can be easily answered

Our platform has been developed to take you through each stage of writing your will. There are many things to consider when it comes to the division of assets or the distribution of your estate. Deciding on the correct information and being able to divide your estate effectively can quickly get complicated.

Affio uses specially designed software to help you designate important family members and identify beneficiaries. Helping you manage your wishes and specify desired outcomes that will make your estate planning simple. Our website includes a detailed knowledge base to help you navigate tricky circumstances, and help is always on hand.

Online wills can be amended or revised at any time

Because all of your information is stored securely on our system, changes can be made at any time. Life moves fast and circumstances may alter quickly, meaning that your will may need to be amended. Accessing your will online means that you can easily make any necessary adjustments or changes.

Instantly access your account to make revisions or amend your will, changing beneficiaries or designating specific arrangements. There is no limit to how often changes can be made and using our online will writing service means that you can keep everything up to date.

Provides top-level security

Making certain that your information stays safe and secure is one of our top priorities. As your will is private and sensitive information we have invested in the best levels of security possible to keep your details secure. Backed by internet security experts at Norton, our software uses 128 bit AES encryption - the same as used by high-level banking institutions.

We never supply your details to a third-party, and we are fully regulated and comply with all laws of the Data Protection Act. For an extra layer of protection, all payment information is handled by a leading payment provider.

Legally the same as traditional wills

One of the biggest concerns of people using an online will writing service is; are online wills as legally binding as traditional wills? The short answer is yes. An online will is just the same legally speaking as any other will that is prepared. We have practices in place to ensure that your will is completely legal, just the same as if you made it with a solicitor.

By following prescribed steps we will guide you along the way and provide advice to make sure your will is signed and witnessed correctly. Making it just as valid as any other will. Your assets and beneficiaries will be legally and clearly documented to ensure that your wishes are stipulated unquestionably.

Final Words

Many people have found that using an online will writing service takes the stress and hassle out of the process. With step-by-step software designed with expert legal advisors, will writing is made simple. As a will is needed by everyone, being able to access a secure and safe platform is important.

Affio is backed by legal experts and has been featured in top publications like The Daily Mail and The Guardian. So you can be assured that you are working with one of the best online will writing service providers in the business.

Don’t put it off any longer, visit Affio and see how quick and easy it is to get your affairs in order and provide for your loved ones.

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