Why make a Will?

Having a Will can make sorting out your affairs much clearer and easier for your friends and family at what will already be a difficult time for them.

It is only by having a Will that you have a say in the things that matter to you. These can include:

  • Who your estate will be left to – especially important if you’re not married to your partner.
  • Any specific wishes or funeral arrangements to be carried out.
  • Minimising the amount of inheritance tax to be paid.
  • If you have children, who their guardians will be.
  • Who you want your executors to be.

If you don’t have a Will

Without a Will, dealing with your estate can be complicated, long-winded and could mean that key people get excluded from benefiting. It could also result in the guardianship of your children being decided through the family courts which can be distressing and take weeks, if not months. If you’re a parent the most important thing you can do for your children is to make sure they’re cared for by the people you would choose if anything were to happen to you and with a Will you can do just that.

If you die without having a legally valid will in place, the government will dictate how your money, property and possessions are allocated using a set of rules (intestacy rules), which don’t always reflect modern family arrangements. This can not only mean your estate not being distributed as you would have wanted, but also unmarried partners not being included at all.

By writing your Will with us we’ll make sure all of the key points are considered and you have a Will which is not only legally valid, but is also tailored to suit your own specific needs and those of your family – after all that’s what it’s all about.

We’ve made everything so easy for you with step by step help, online tools and a service which allows you to go at your own pace and on your own terms. In short – there are no more excuses for putting it off any longer!

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