Where should I store my will?

The best answer to this question is somewhere it can be found! After all what’s the use of having a perfectly drafted and legally valid will if it is hidden away or locked in a fireproof safe and no one has the combination?

Legally you can store your will anywhere you like – the most important thing is that your executors know where it is and can be accessed as soon as possible when you die.

You could consider using the services of certainty.co.uk – The National Will Register, who for a fee, allow you to register where your will is kept so it can be found when the time comes.

Probate Service for safe keeping

We think the best place to store your will is with the Probate Service, which is a government service offering the safe keeping of important documents. Not only will your will be kept safe and secure, but it is also the obvious place for anyone looking for a will to do a search, meaning it can easily be found when the time comes.

The service costs just £20 to deposit your will and this can either be done in person at a Probate Registry of your choice or by post. In return you will get a certificate of deposit for you to keep in a safe place. The only downside is that if you choose to update or write a new will in the future you’ll have to retrieve your will from them and pay the £20 fee again.

Find out more about How to deposit a will with the Probate Service .

Other options for storing your will

With your bank in a safety deposit box

Pros – easily accessible while you’re alive.
Cons – there will be charge for this service and if your executors don’t have access they may not be able to get to your will until probate has been granted. And probate can’t be granted without a will!

With a solicitor or will writing firm

Pros – solicitors are regulated so if your will gets lost or damaged they will have to put things right. This is not always the case with will writers though.
Cons – if they go out of business it may be difficult to trace your will.

Keeping it yourself

Pros – free and easily accessible.
Cons – could get accidentally damaged or thrown away.

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