Making your Will is an emotional experience

“We must get the Will sorted” is a conversation couples have every few years. It is often prompted by some family event or change in circumstance and may be greeted by one of the parties with an unenthusiastic sigh, after all it all sounds a bit of a chore.

What we have found at Affio is that far from being a chore it actually becomes a very positive emotional experience. Think about it like this, you are spending time really thinking about the life you have built and the things you have now that you value, both financially and also emotionally. You are then thinking about those that you love and that depend on you and what gifts you would like to make to them.

Forget about death and ‘what if the worst happens’ and think of it as giving your loved one presents that they will remember you for and value. The best bit is you get all the fun and emotional rewards of giving without actually parting with anything.

People who have completed the short Affio will-writing process have told us they get this deep warm feeling at a certain point in completing their Will.

Why not give it a go and tell us if you experience the same.

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