How much does it cost to write a Will?

Writing a Will with Affio can cost nothing.

With other providers the costs involved, much like anything, depends on a number of factors – how you have your will written, who does it and how complex your circumstances are.

Typically having your will written by a solicitor starts at about £150 but people often use an unregulated will-writer and this is cheaper.  A recent survey found that most people pay between £50 and £150:

Amount paid for a will Percentage of survey
£0-£50 14%
£51-£150 47%
£151-£300 29%
£301-£500 7%
£501-£1,000 3%
£1,000+ 1%

Source: Legal Services Board/YouGov

The Affio will was written by a specialist barrister, so you get the same legal language as a solicitor but if you don’t make any specific gifts it will be free. Which is nice, especially as you get to write it from the comfort of your own sofa.

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