Do I need a solicitor to write a will?

You may have thought once or twice about preparing your will. It is one of those tasks that is easily put off, but it is essential to protect your family, your estate, and convey your wishes legally and effectively.

However, like many others you may have delayed writing your will for any number of reasons.

It can be time consuming

It can be stressful or unpleasant

It can be expensive

To draft a will in the traditional manner you will  need to book an appointment with a solicitor, sort out financial paperwork, and hand over a decent chunk of cash. Having your will prepared in the presence of a qualified person can sometimes take more than one meeting and cost a lot of money.

On the other hand, if your will is relatively straightforward it is possible to write it yourself. But how do you know that you have captured all the necessary information and drafted it correctly?

Why not write your will online?

Another option you can take is writing your will online. While this is a relatively new way of preparing a will, it is becoming an increasingly popular way to handle the necessary paperwork.

Being able to write, draft, and edit your will electronically adds a better level of convenience and allows you to set down your wishes easily. Because information is stored securely, it can be accessed to amend or make changes at a later date.

Something that is not accomplished easily with traditional wills.

Is it legally binding?

Affio is designed to take all the hard work and expense out of will preparation. Writing a will is one of life's necessities and we have developed software, backed by legal experts, to make the process as easy and painless as possible.

Creating a will with Affio's online service provides the same legal protections as if you wrote a will with a solicitor - it's just much easier, far less expensive and doesn't involve travel or appointments.

While there are plenty of options online to download simple wills that can be filled in, Affio provides guidance and advice every step of the way. Helping you to avoid common mistakes, like being unaware of laws or the legal processes required.

In addition, our service has been featured in several well-known publications so you can be assured of quality and efficiency.

Why do I need a will?

You need to make sure that your estate and finances are in order. Documenting your wishes by way of a will ensures that your spouse or children are protected from unnecessary and lengthy probate proceedings. Not to mention it will enable you to specify other requirements and name additional beneficiaries.

You may think that writing a will is not essential if you do not have much to leave in terms of money or property. But there are reasons why you should consider it even if you don't have a lot to bequeath.

  1. If you die without a will the law will step in and decide how your money or assets should be distributed.
  2. If you have children you will want to make arrangements for their ongoing care if one or both parents die.
  3. You may have separated or remarried and need to ensure that your estate is divided or allocated to the correct parties.
  4. Depending on how your will is prepared it may be possible to protect beneficiaries from inheritance tax
  5. If you and your partner are unmarried any inheritance is not automatic, you will need a will to ensure that assets are protected for your surviving partner.

What should be included in a will?

There is a lot to consider when writing a will and deciding how to distribute your estate. It may be worth taking time to consider all of your options.

Making a list of assets can also be useful to assess items like finances, bank accounts, stocks shares, and property to be distributed.

There are also other things to be taken into account like:

Who do you want to leave your money or property to? These are typically the main people in your life like relatives, friends, spouse, or children.

What will care arrangements be for children? This will determine plans for any remaining children below the age of 18.

Who will ensure that your wishes are carried out as prescribed? This is the person named as the executor of your will.

Will a solicitor need to approve the will?

Affio will walk you through the process step by step, and provide guidance on how to sign and witness your will correctly. We can help you answer questions and offer advice on more complex situations.

In many cases, will preparation is completed quickly and easily. It can be as simple as completing the information, downloading your will, and adding the necessary signatures. No solicitor is required to verify or approve your will.

Is it safe?

The safety and security of your information is top priority. That's why we have invested in a system that provides levels of encryption that are used by top financial institutions.

Affio is fully regulated by the Information Commissioner under the rules and regulations of the Data Protection Act.

Your information is secured safely and securely and can be accessed from your account at any time.

Where should I keep my will?

Even though your will can be changed and amended from your account it is wise to keep a copy of your will where it can be easily accessed by family or your executors.

Wills can be stored at the National Will Register for a fee or the Probate Service. It can also be held at your family solicitors, a safe deposit box, or in your own safe.

Legally speaking you can store your will anywhere, just make sure that it can be found by the relevant people.

Final words

Preparing your will online is an easy and fast way to ensure that your important financial affairs, property, and assets are in order, and will be distributed properly to the people that matter. It can be completed in under an hour and no solicitor is required.

Get started today at Affio and see how easy it is to prepare your will using our guided service.

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