3 Simple Steps to get your Affairs in Order

Now the hangover has passed and we are back into daily routine here are three simple things you should sort out in the New Year to keep your AFFairs In Order (thats the origin of the affio name).

  1. Write your Will – it should take between half an hour and an hour to do on affio. Print it, sign it in front of witnesses and put it somewhere safe. Tell someone you trust where your Will is! Wills are much simpler than people realise and it is better to have something and come back later and change it than not to have a Will at all.
  2. Life Insurance – If you have life insurance make sure it is put in trust. This is a basic piece of paperwork you can get from your life insurance company – its simple and doesn’t cost anything. It will ensure that the life insurance monies go straight to the beneficiaries you nominate and not through your Estate. That will mean there is no risk you will pay inheritance tax on those funds. If you haven’t got any life insurance – its a good idea to get some. Its not that expensive for most people and can make all the difference for your family.

  3. Write a short list of your major assets – bank accounts, investments, etc – and put it with your Will. If you are worried about it falling into the wrong hands then don’t put on the account numbers just the name of the account, type of account and the institution or company. It will help your family and executor immeasurably if anything should happen to you.

If you do these three simple things then you will feel better and your family will be more secure.

Have a great start to 2016!

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